Meet Jody

Role Manager: Brand Production Manager

Department: Studio 360

Can you give us a brief overview of your N Brown career and how you came to be in the role you are in now?

I joined N Brown in the creative department as a mac designer/operator way back in 2001. I’ve come along way over the last 18 years and so has the company. I have moved through various roles within creative becoming a graphic designer, then a designer and art director, working across many of our portfolio of brands to make our visual communications as strong as possible. When the brand production manager role within Studio 360 was advertised I thought my skills and experience would make me a good fit and felt ready to take on a new challenge.


What are the key differences from your previous role to the role you are in now?

 My working environment has changed from being largely office based to spending much more of my time in the Studio. It’s an exciting, fast paced place to work and great fun. That said I have taken on more responsibility and now have people looking to me to have answers and solutions to problems more than ever.


What have you learnt so far in your new role?

I have been working with new people, teams and in new ways since starting this role. The learning curve has been pretty steep, taking in many new systems and processes.



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