Meet Jade


Role: SEO Specialist

Department: Marketing


Can you give us a brief overview of your N Brown career and how you came to be in the role you are in now?

I started at N Brown in November 2018 as an SEO Co-ordinator working on Fashion World and became very involved in the SEO strategy of the brand from the get go – which I really enjoy! I had only been at N Brown for 8 months before the opportunity for a promotion to SEO Specialist became available on my team. My manager told me that he thought I should go for it, which was a great compliment, as it was something that I hadn’t considered as an opportunity having been in the business for less than 1 year. However, it was a role that I thought I was capable of and I also really like to be challenged so I decided to apply.


What have you learnt so far in your new role?

The first I would say is that each and every brand is different! What might work on one, may not work on another. So whilst it is great to discuss things with other brand teams about their strategy and what they are working on, it may not be applicable to your brand. And the second would be that even though I have been promoted into a role with more responsibility, it’s still okay to ask lots of questions (like I do!).


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