Role: CRM and Marketing Manager

Department: Marketing

“It’s all about getting to the heart of the customer.”

We talk digital communications with Jenny …

“I’m CRM and Marketing Communications Manager for the Simply Be and Jacamo brands. It’s all about getting to the heart of the customer, understanding what they want so we can communicate with them in a way that inspires loyalty and, of course, drives more sales. That includes talking to them through emails and creating our catalogues.

“We’re committed to making sure the customer is at the centre of everything we do – that’s why we have a real digital philosophy: we know digital is what our customers want and need, but with real human warmth behind it. Our department is fast paced, and there’s loads of energy here – we’re always looking for new and better ways of doing things.”

“Our GUSTO values bring everyone together. I’m proud to work here, and every day I think how proud I am of my amazing team.

“Oh, and I love the free biscuits!”

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