Our mission

We’re obsessed with our customers – and have been for generations. We delight them with products, service and finance to fit their lives.

Our vision

Championing inclusion, we’ll become the most loved and trusted fashion retailer.

Our purpose

We exist to make our customers look and feel amazing, and give us the confidence to believe in ourselves, get out there and make a difference.


Our Values

Together for the customer

We’re all working towards one goal — to help people look and feel amazing. We challenge and support one another. We’re always honest and can rely on each other. Because win or lose, we do it together.

Driven by curiosity

The more we ask, the more we learn – about customers, fashion, our business, our industry and ourselves. We question, we explore, and we dig deeper because that’s where we find opportunity.

Empowered by trust

We encourage people to express themselves and build relationships on trust, not control. We give everyone the opportunity to take responsibility and get things done.

Motivated by pace

We keep up in the fast-moving world of retail and we’re ready for anything. Ready to think. Ready to plan. Ready to be brave. Ready to deliver.


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