Head Office & Contact Centre

Our Head office and Contact Centres are lively, vibrant and welcoming homes to over 1,200 of our colleagues. They have excellent on-site facilities and are only a short walk to all the shopping, social and cultural attractions of Manchester city centre. Our Head Office and Contact Centres house all the central functions you’d expect from a large market leading multi-channel retailer. It’s a great place to work!


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Even though we’re still producing home shopping catalogues, we’re passionate about developing our digital business, so that our customers can shop with us easily, via their preferred platform. This is taking us into new and exciting areas, creating a world of opportunity where digital experts can build rewarding and satisfying careers. Whether making sure our customers have the best possible digital experience when shopping with us, or collecting and analyzing the data that helps us improve our customers’ experience, our digital experts are taking us forward into our digital first future.

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No other home shopping organisation currently has the combination of customers, products and publications we have. Our Marketing team creates a wide and diverse selection of catalogues, and their work ranges from the layout and design of pages right through to identifying which customers to target with specific promotions and offers. Their skills cover TV advertising, offers, competitor analysis, social media and customer insights – they make sure we’re seen and heard by our customers, wherever they might be.

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A vital part of our strategy for the future is to grow our brands and product assortment in international markets. In recent years, we’ve made Simply Be a success in the USA – this complemented the long-established business in Ireland, and the availability of Simply Be products for delivery across Europe. In 2016, our Fit for Future development programme will help us expand further outside these territories, and localise customer experiences across the planet for our power brands.

It’s an exciting time for the International business. The team – comprising experts in marketing, ecommerce, buying and merchandising, operations and business development – is hard at work making sure we’re as effective as possible in international markets. And to make us loved across the world as experts in fashion that fits.

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Business & Improvement

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Our IT experts at N Brown have one aim: to make sure we have the IT infrastructure to succeed as a business. They support our day-to-day operations, and are central to our evolution into exciting new areas. They are the people behind the systems that give our customers the service they expect; the people who make sure new systems work perfectly; and that we have the information we need, when we need it. They make sure we can land and exploit new technologies through smarter, simpler and faster business processes that better meet the needs of our customers. We couldn’t do anything without them, and we think they are brilliant.

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Buying and Merchandising Operations

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Buying at N Brown is exciting and varied. It encompasses product selection, supplier communication, price negotiation, report writing, statistics analysis, design selection and so much more. Buyers work with many different divisions across the company – and, of course, with many people in different countries across the world. Our buyers are all passionate about making N Brown one of the top multi-channel retailers in the UK, whose major strength is understanding and catering for our customers.

This means having the right stock, in the right place at the right time, and our Merchandising teams are responsible for estimating the amount of products we will sell. They work very closely with the buying teams to produce the statistical analysis that will mean our product ranges are just what our customers are looking for, whilst the Merchandise Operation department develops and manages, alongside IT, applications that forecast what customers will order, so we have stock available to meet those orders.

Buying and Merchandising could not work efficiently without a number of key support departments who keep things running smoothly behind the scenes including departments such as Packaging and Imports.

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Quality Assurance

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Our Quality Assurance (QA) Technologists are a team of product specialists who are involved in the development of our new products. They make sure that the materials and components selected by suppliers to make our products meet our high quality standards – and our customers’ expectations. Our suppliers are spread across the globe and our Design and QA experts often travel to their factories to make sure products are being made just the way we want them.

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N Brown has grown in spectacular fashion over the years, and we’re still growing. We couldn’t be successful without the insights of our Finance Department who work tirelessly to give us the high-quality information we need to inform both day-to-day and strategic business decisions.  Finance is a large, busy department made up of experts in a wide range of disciplines, including procurement, invoice processing, payroll, legal, compliance, audit and more. They all work together to make sure we’re stable, successful and in great shape for an exciting future.

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Fashion Design

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A Design role at N Brown is rich and varied. Our designers are involved in all sorts of exciting areas – from trend development, product design, catwalk reviews and colour direction, to print development, range building, directional shopping and Far East development. Phew!

Our designers are creative but commercial too, and they work really well with others in the business, primarily with Buying, Merchandising and QA. Most of them make regular trips abroad to search the world for inspiration and develop product in the market place. It requires a huge amount of personal commitment but the rewards are great, as part of a very dynamic and creative team of professionals who are all passionate about making N Brown one of the top multi-channel retailers in the UK.

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People Team

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Our people are, without doubt, the power behind N Brown. Their passion for our brands, their focus on our customer and their sheer determination to do the best for our business are what makes N Brown so successful. People like this need looking after, and our People Team are here to do exactly that. They find us the best people, make sure they are happy here, and use a wide range of tools and techniques to develop every single person at N Brown to achieve the career they choose. In other words, they help get the best, keep the best and grow the best.

We’re proud to be a business where fashion fits, where talent thrives, and where customers count.

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Contact Centre

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Our Contact Centre Operation are there for our customers, when they need us. Here, our talented people work hard to answer queries, take orders over the phone, promote our latest offers and provide a fantastic customer experience by phone, email, letter and social media. The pace is fast and we work hard, but we also have lots of fun too. These are the people whose excellent work has made us one the UK’s top three companies for Customer Service, and we’re proud of them.

Customer Service and Sales Roles

The Customer Service teams are knowledgeable, customer-focused and passionate about helping our customers with a wide range of queries. Working in a Multi-Channel Contact Centre, they know how to ask the right questions and always respond with solutions and flexibility. They also enhance the customer’s experience by identifying and promoting additional products and services across all of our ranges.

Our Inbound and Outbound Sales Teams are full of people who live and breathe customer service. They learn about our customers, understand the way they shop, know our products better than anyone and know how to give every customer the best possible shopping experience.

All of these are real ‘people people’, wonderful communicators and great listeners. They are focused on our customers and will do everything it takes to delight them – and that’s how they meet their targets, day after day. You don’t need experience to join this team – if you’ve got what it takes, we’ll give you all the training you need to do your job with GUSTO.

Customer Recovery Roles

Our Customer Recovery Advisors interact with Customers who are experiencing problems making payments to their account.  Their main objective is to use first class communication skills to fully understand the cause of the situation and assess how we can help.  Experts in using key questioning and negotiating techniques, they can make an overall financial assessment that leads to an outcome that works for both the customer and us.

The goal is to build long-term relationships, making sure our valuable customers can enjoy shopping with us for many years to come.

Customer Recovery is an award winning team who are passionate about what they do: they do things with GUSTO and combine hard work with having fun.

Support teams

Although smaller in size, our support teams play a vital role in meeting the needs of our customers by keeping our Contact Centre running smoothly.

These teams provide vital support to our business, helping our colleagues to react quickly to changing demands and deliver quality services that meet our customers’ expectations of N Brown. Our support services are wide-ranging but include:

  • Operational Planning (Dialler Analysts, Real-Time Analysts, Management Information Specialists and Resource Planning)
  • Coaching
  • Quality Assurance and Customer Insight

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