Role: People Lead

Department: People Team

“Once you join, you won’t want to leave!”

Jon tells us how his team was right behind him when he took his big step forward …

“I joined N Brown in 2013 as a Contact Centre Team Manager in our Select Services Function. Before I started here I’d already decided I wanted to work in HR, and I’d already started studying in the evening for my CIPD (Chartered Institute for Professional Development). I was really clear about that at interview, and they were very supportive. My line manager gave me a good briefing on my current role when I joined, but also reassured me that I’d get exposure to other roles to support my desired career development.

“I became an HR representative for our department, and started getting exposure to HR that way. A year later, I was released on secondment to work in recruitment four days a week – even though that would put extra pressure on the team. I was so grateful that they all covered for me. I was also mentored by an HR Business Partner for six months – we’d get together every two or three weeks so I could understand additional areas for my development in HR.

“Two months ago, I applied for a six-month contract at Head Office, working in a busy team that handles recruitment for the whole group. I got the job, with an agreement that I’d be supported in applying for a permanent role when one became available. Amazingly that happened within two months and I’m now over the moon that I have been rewarded with a permanent role as a People Lead. I couldn’t have done it without my colleagues and managers working together to support me, and without the amazing mentoring from above.

“I’ve never known a company to invest in people as much as N Brown does. That’s why we’re full of fantastic, genuinely nice, supportive people. In my experience there are no barriers to growing your career here, the opportunities are endless – once you join, you won’t want to leave.”