Role: IT Web Analyst

Department: Business and Improvement Team

“Life is never boring!”

An interesting insight from Chris into how analytics help make life better for our customers …

“I’m one of a team of four, providing web analytics to a number of teams across the business. For example, we help the Customer Insight team by providing them with data that improves the customer experience and ultimately increases sales. We’ve been involved recently in gathering and tracking data to see how our new online checkout facility is affecting customers. In fact, our work covers a whole spectrum of areas – but it’s all about improving the customer experience.

“I was very proud to have led the team to implement the Celebrus Data Support System on the USA site. They now have a much more advanced web analytics portfolio, with improved access to customer data – I like to think that the work we’ve done has played an important role in the increased performance of the USA business.

“I really enjoy being involved in all areas of the business, and being asked to produce work that is absolutely business-critical across a number of projects. Life is never boring!

“Team work and good communication are at the heart of everything at N Brown, and that’s what GUSTO means to me. In our function, it’s crucial that we know how to speak a language that people can understand, whether they are a highly technical web developer or someone on the front line of Customer Service. We’re here to ensure everything is as user-friendly as possible.