Role: Head of Digital

Department: Digital Marketing

“I’m the voice of digital at N Brown.”

Our Head of Digital, Ben…

“It’s an amazing time to be part of N Brown – we’re taking an already brilliant company into a whole new digital first world. And I’m helping lead the way.

“My team and I are responsible for N Brown’s digital marketing activity: whether through digital display, paid search or social media; in fact any communication in the digital space, we do it.  We’re doing ground breaking work and helping write the script of how we should move forward to become a digital first business.

“We’ve spent the last year getting a great team together in Digital, and we’re all really passionate, flexible, adaptable and collaborative people. We talk together a lot, share ideas, and everyone’s free to try things out.  I like to empower everyone, and N Brown has given me a lot of autonomy to just go out there and get things done – which means we can work with real GUSTO!”