Role: Customer Recovery Advisor

Department: Contact Centre – Customer Recovery

“I know we can be Number 1.”

We talk customer service with Annie …

“We like to look after our customers in all kinds of ways. Here, I’m part of a team of people who help customers who are struggling financially. We put them on a temporary payment plan so they can sort themselves out and get back shopping with us! It’s all part of the great customer service we provide.

“It’s a great atmosphere here – we’re like one big happy family, and it’s a joy to be part of it. Togetherness is crucial to our culture: we try to do everything as a team and make sure our customers are happy with what they get from us.

“Our managers are great – they help us in our role, and make sure we can take advantage of the opportunities that exist everywhere in N Brown. In fact, opportunity is one of our GUSTO values. It’s really important that everyone has the chance to build the career they want.

“I feel I’m good at my job because I’ve been given the chance to work in other departments and built up a lot of knowledge that way. But it’s also important to be passionate about what you do, and committed to N Brown, what we stand for, and of course our customers.

“And customers are at the heart of everything, at the heart of GUSTO. I’m very proud that we’re Number 3 in our sector for customer service ­– and I know we can be Number 1.”