Our strategy is designed to embrace the three CSR pillars: ‘All People’, ‘One Planet’ and ‘Every Product’. It aims to fully align our ethical policies with our commercial activities, achieving tangible results and benefits for all our stakeholders.

All People

Where people are concerned, so are we

Everything we achieve as a business is achieved through caring for our customers, our community and our people.

Our Customer Charter sets out our commitment to customers. We seek to establish enduring relationships for the mutual benefit of both customer and the company. In particular we recognise the importance of being a responsible lender. We continually monitor the experience of our customers in order to improve their experience and offer tailored products whilst being mindful of a customer’s individual needs.

One Planet

Protecting the earth begins with respecting it

We’re determined to understand our effect on the world and find better, smarter and more sustainable ways of working. To learn and to teach, to recycle, reuse and respect, wherever we are on our big beautiful planet. Over the last five years through the hard work of our colleagues, greater operational efficiencies and greater investment, we have achieved a 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per million pound turnover and aim to reduce this further.

Every Product

Our products should make people feel as good as they look

The Group has been working closely with its suppliers over the last couple of years to improve customer experience and to promote responsible sourcing. This means partnering with suppliers who share our values and standards. By working together, we hope to create more responsible and sustainable products that our customers can enjoy with confidence.

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